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News of a Lynching

This episode of Real Crime includes the final installment of the murder of Leoda Childress in North Carolina with the Tilleys finally having their day in court. Also the second part of the murder of a New Jersey bank runner. The killer goes to trial. We also have a number of odd news briefs including one for a lynching in Alabama.

real crime with Danny Lopez

There is also news of the killing of a rancher and a brief about two men killed in a duel in Kentucky. Crime is not something new but in the old days, the reasons for deaths and the crimes committed were strange and savage. Motivation ranged from money to liquor to jealousy. Has anything changed?

A daring train robbery, a floating foot, and tips against a dog poisoner

In episode 4 of Real Crime, you’ll hear the wild story of a lone gunman who robbed a train in Pennsylvania in 1887 but left the gold bullion and instead took a bag of Lincoln pennies; the crazy story of a floating foot; news briefs from North Carolina from the late 1800s; and get a few tips on how to train your dog to avoid the dreaded dog poisoner!real crime with Danny Lopez

The first podcast

In this first podcast of the series Real Crime, I have picked out a mix of articles from Arizona to New Jersey, from the early 1800s to the mid-1960s. The news ranges from murder to assault with a couple of interesting unrelated news bits.

real crime with Danny Lopez

These articles are pulled from old newspapers. The writing itself is interesting, as is the language. It’s history, the kind that falls through the cracks and is forgotten, buried deep in newspaper morgues.